Photo Club

Join the Tampa Audubon Photo Club September through May on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6pm right before our General Meeting. We meet at the Hillsborough County Extension Office in Sefner.

A word from Joel Jackson, our Photo Club Chair:

" In order to encourage Audubon members to better experience to thrills & successes of nature photography, we will attempt to cover the following topics at each meeting:

  • Continue photo sharing where each member is encouraged to bring a memory stick with between five and eight of their recent photo. In addition to sharing, each photo ( birds or any other type of nature photo) can be critiqued and suggestions made for improvements.
  • Instruction and discussion (about 15 minutes) on the basics of digital photography.
  • Provide time for questions and answers with no questions being too basic.
  • Schedule some of our more advanced members to share their advice on equipment and photography techniques.

We will also continue to be open to the possibility of special photo field trips, workshops or contests."

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Ethical Nature Photography Standards

If a bird stops its normal behavior as a result of a photographer's activity, the photographer is intruding and should slowly move away.

The Tampa Audubon Society (TAS) and the TAS Camera Club promote Ethical Nature Photography Standards (click here for a copy). Every nature photographer must exercise good individual judgment. All who practice nature photography in Hillsborough County should promote good stewardship of the resource.

Environmental: Knowledge of Subject and Place

  • Learn patterns of bird behavior. Do not interfere with animal behavior or life cycles.
  • Cause no distress to birds, other wildlife or their habitat.
  • If a bird or other animal shows stress or reacts, back away.
  • Stay on trails to lessen impacts.
  • Do not disturb birds that are nesting or feeding young.

Social: Knowledge of Rules and Laws

  • Follow rules and laws related to the location.
  • Treat the birds, wildlife, plants, and places as if you were their guest.
  • Respect state and federal laws protecting birds and other wildlife.

Individual: Expertise and Responsibilities

  • Treat others courteously.
  • Ask before joining other nature photographers already taking pictures.
  • Report inappropriate behavior to the proper authorities.
  • Be a good role model, as a nature photographer and a citizen.
  • Educate and enhance others understanding by your actions.