The Tampa Audubon Society (TAS) was established in the 1940's. We serve the Tampa Bay area including Brandon, Odessa, Riverview and Seffner. We are an active chapter whose mission is to conserve and restore our ecosystems, focusing on birds, wildlife, and their habitats, through education, advocacy, and community involvement.

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 2016-17 Executive Board
Mary Keith   mary.keith@tampaaudubon.org    813-767-5863
1st Vice President
Sandy Reed  sandy.reed@tampaaudubon.org    Bird Protection Committee    813-956-6096
2nd Vice President
Nancy Murrah  nancy.murrah@tampaaudubon.org    Eagle Watch Coordinator   813-205-1851
Michelle Hoffman Wrobel  michelle.hoffman.wrobel@tampaaudubon.org   813-361-1412
Recording Secretary
Sherry Keller sherry.keller@tampaaudubon.org   813-293-5720
Cheryl Merz  cheryl.merz@tampaaudubon.org     Colony Watch Coordinator   813-541-8217
Pam Deneve  pam.deneve@tampaaudubon.org     Field Trip Chair   863-512-1057
Megan Campbell  megan.campbell@tampaaudubon.org   813-766-9185
Connie Anderson  connie.anderson@tampaaudubon.org   813-245-6145
Mic McCarty mic.mccarty@tampaaudubon.org   813-892-7983
Rob Yoho rob.yoho@tampaaudubon.org
Doug Deneve  doug.deneve@tampaaudubon.org     Regional Conservation Chair   863-537-0454
Susan Maslar  susan.maslar@tampaaudubon.org      Membership Chair   813-486-3583
Mary Miller  mary.miller@tampaaudubon.org     Bluebird Monitor at Flatwoods   813-951-8145
Alana Boyles    TAS Student Committee
Erin Brosnan    TAS Student Committee
 Other Service Positions
Roger Sheets  roger.sheets@tampaaudubon.org   ARC Director   
Joel Jackson  joel.jackson@tampaaudubon.org    Photography Club
Steve Tryon  steve.tryon@tampaaudubon.org    Webmaster   813-980-2079

Tampa Audubon Society is a registered charitable and educational organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code and is registered with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services. (Registration No. CH18698)

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Membership and contributions to Tampa Audubon Society are tax deductible as allowed by law and donations of $250.00 or greater will be acknowledged in writing. The IRS letter of designation is available upon request from Tampa Audubon Society. A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY ALSO BE OBTAINED FROM THE FLORIDA DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE 1-800-HELP-FLA (1-800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE.


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Awards and Outstanding Achievements

TAS Won 2017 Audubon Florida Chapter of the Year at the Florida Audubon Assembly in St Augustine on Oct 21

TAS was awarded this honor on the basis of expanding our influence (Birding Festival, OLLI); financial stability (TAS, and the Festival's); innovative conservation and education programs (Don't Hook the Birds and its TBAEP Award, Colony Watch, Eagle Watch, ARC volunteers and new agreement, birds on the TIA new shuttle trains, Nature Photography at HCC Ybor Gallery); the Regional Conservation Committee and our active Conservation Committee; and our board planning meetings.

To see the full application with all of our achievements, click here. It's only 2 pages long!


Tampa Audubon receives 2017 Environmental Excellence Award

Sandy Reed, Sherry Keller, Jeanette Edwards
Photographer: George Veazey more photos

Sandy Reed, 1st Vice President of the Tampa Audubon Society, on behalf of the whole Don't Cut the Line project team, accepted the 2017 Environmental Excellence Award from the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals on May 17th, 2017. Sandy has been heading a committee to save pelicans and other birds in Tampa Bay from getting hooked or entangled in fishing line for several years. Her project began after a visit to the Sunshine Skyway Fish Pier State Park where she observed many pelicans entangled in line. Working with the State Park biological staff and the Pier managers, she enlisted members of the community to address the issue in a cooperative fashion. One significant initiative was major recruitment and training of volunteers to catch hooked birds at the Pier, remove the hooks and line, and release the birds. Injured birds were transported to veterinarians for care or to rehabilitators by other volunteers. Educating fishermen on how to release the birds accidentally hooked, and asking them to stop feeding the birds was also part of the project. In addition, Sandy and her team began to document their activities, including the numbers of birds, mostly pelicans, that they removed line and hooks from over the course of a year. During the first year of the volunteers' activities on the Pier, over 500 pelicans were caught, hooks and line were removed, and healthy birds were released. With education and outreach to the fishermen and cooperation from the Pier managers, the number of birds observed at the Pier entangled in hooks and fishing line has dropped significantly. Much of this is related to the Pier's instructions to fishermen to not feed the birds. When the pelicans are not fed by the fishermen they do not congregate near the Pier That reduces their chances of getting hooked or tangled in fishing line

The data collected by Sandy and the volunteers convinced the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biological staff that the problem for pelicans was significant and likely of statewide concern. Brochures educating fishermen about the risks of fishing line entanglement for pelicans and other birds and how to handle a hooked bird are now available at http://myfwc.com/news/news-releases/2016/march/02/hooked-bird/ . State regulations against feeding pelicans are being enforced by state wildlife officers.

Don't Cut the Line Committee members present at the TBAEP awards ceremony included volunteers from Hillsborough and Manatee Counties, FWC Captain Laura Dewald, Kevin Kiser, State Park Manager for the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Fishing Pier State Park, Ann Paul and Mark Rachal of Audubon's Coastal Islands Sanctuary office, and Jamie Foster, Pier Manager.

The Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals had almost 60 members present for their awards luncheon. Sandy was nominated by Melanie Higgins, a member of TBAEP and of Eagle Audubon, who was familiar with her work. Melanie thinks that a major strength of the nomination was that this was a project involved so many different partner organizations, including several Audubon Societies (Manatee County Audubon, Tampa Audubon, St. Petersburg Audubon, Eagle Audubon, Sun City Center Audubon), FWC, Florida State Parks, the Pier management, Tampa Bay Watch, local rehabilitators including Busch Gardens, Seacoast Seabird Sanctuary, Save All Birds, Save the Seabirds, and many volunteer participants. We can't do alone nearly as much as we can do together, as evidenced by Sandy's leadership combined with the energies and efforts of the Don't Cut the Line Committee. The success of this work and the award recognizing it provide testimony to the strength of team work – many people from many groups working together to protect pelicans and other birds from unnecessary suffering and mortality due to fishing line entanglement. Yeah Sandy! Congratulations, Don't Cut the Line!

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