The Tampa Audubon Society (TAS) was established in the 1940's. We serve the Tampa Bay area including Brandon, Odessa, Riverview and Seffner. We are an active chapter whose mission is to conserve and restore our ecosystems, focusing on birds, wildlife, and their habitats, through education, advocacy, and community involvement.

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 2016-17 Executive Board
Mary Keith   mary.keith@tampaaudubon.org    813-767-5863
1st Vice President
Sandy Reed  sandy.reed@tampaaudubon.org    Bird Protection Committee
2nd Vice President
Nancy Murrah  nancy.murrah@tampaaudubon.org    Eagle Watch Coordinator   813-205-1851
Roger Sheets  roger.sheets@tampaaudubon.org
Recording Secretary
Sherry Keller sherry.keller@tampaaudubon.org
Cheryl Merz  cheryl.merz@tampaaudubon.org     Colony Watch Coordinator
Pam Deneve  pam.deneve@tampaaudubon.org     Field Trip Chair
Susan Fears  susan.fears@tampaaudubon.org
Mark Fears  mark.fears@tampaaudubon.org
Megan Campbell  megan.campbell@tampaaudubon.org
Connie Anderson  connie.anderson@tampaaudubon.org
Doug Deneve  doug.deneve@tampaaudubon.org     Regional Conservation Committee Chair
Susan Maslar  susan.maslar@tampaaudubon.org      Membership Chair
Krista Kutash  krista.kutash@tampaaudubon.org      Hospitality & tabling events
Mary Miller  mary.miller@tampaaudubon.org     Bluebird Monitor at Flatwoods
Alana Boyles    TAS Student Committee
Erin Brosnan    TAS Student Committee
 Other Service Positions
Mike Mullins  mike.mullins@tampaaudubon.org   ARC Director   813-390-4696
Joel Jackson  joel.jackson@tampaaudubon.org    Photography Club
Steve Tryon  steve.tryon@tampaaudubon.org    Webmaster   813-980-2079

Tampa Audubon Society is a registered charitable and educational organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) code and is registered with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services. (Registration No. CH18698)

Tampa Audubon Society does not contract with any professional solicitor and 100% of every contribution is used to support our environmental education initiatives.

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Tampa Audubon 'Double Winner' at 2014 Audubon Assembly

Best Chapter Conservation Project

Sandy Reed, Sherry Keller, Jeanette Edwards
Photographer: George Veazey more photos

Over the last 12 months, Sandy Reed and Tampa Audubon have been working on reducing the numbers of birds entangled in fishing line. The Sunshine Fishing Pier, has been the initial focus. We have also begun an inland campaign to stop people from feeding and entangling Barred Owls in our county and state parks. Sandy continues to ramp up for the winter.

The benefit to the birds and the environment has been tremendous. To each bird that was untangled, unhooked and released, it made all the difference in the world. Also it has taught each of us, by our monthly updates at general meetings, and on field trips, to be a responsible fisherman and birders. We leave How to Unhook a Pelican brochures everywhere people and pelicans encounter one another (if you have not seen one ask at the next general meeting).

Additionally our citizen science programs have increased in membership and commitment over the last 12 months. EagleWatch, ColonyWatch, JayWatch, Christmas Bird Count, our own Bluebird program, and Adopt a Bluebird Box Program have continued to grown in numbers of committed volunteers and followers. We are proud of our Citizen Scientists who have worked hard over the last 12 months to provide meaningful and accurate data to Audubon Florida.

Citizen Scientist Volunteer of the Year for Audubon Florida

As Audubon Florida's Citizen Scientist Volunteer of the Year, Cheryl Mertz (pictured at the right with Matt Smith and Paige hailing from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland) has performed the following levels of service tirelessly, and with grace:

  • EagleWatch - Cheryl logged over 200 hours last season between Oct. 1 2013 and June 30, 2014 providing meaningful complete data.
  • Colony Watch - Cheryl has recently become the coordinator for ColonyWatch in our area. She is dedicated to counting and watching her colonies, finding new ones and has a good rapport with the neighbors around the colonies. She has a great understanding of the colonial birds habits, diets and how they raise their young from nest to fledge.
  • Jay Watch - Cheryl joined JayWatch two seasons ago.  She attended every training, Counted jays from Hillsborough County to Ocala and south of Hillsborough County too. Cheryl went to Avon Park Bombing Range and helped to cut down 800 trees to create better habitat for their jays.
  • Bluebirds - When Mary Miller, who tends to the 50 boxes at Flatwoods park, was on vacation. Cheryl went and checked and counted all of them two weekends in a row.
  • Kestrels - Cheryl went and checked and counted Kestrels / Kestrel boxes.
  • Sparrow Drive - She went on a FWC sparrow drive.
  • Christmas Bird Count - Cheryl participated in both Christmas and Tampa bird counts.
  • Hawk Watch - She participated in HawkWatch for 3 days at Curry Hammock State Park, in the keys at the beginning of October 2.

When Cheryl is not doing one of the above things you will find her and her camera on almost every Tampa Audubon Field Trip. From the monthly beginning birding trip at Lettuce Lake to the Everglades and even on the out of the county trips that TAS took this year. She exemplifies Citizen Science. I know that anyone who has come to know Cheryl, knows her passion for the birds and the citizen science programs that support them.