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Thursday, September 3rd General Meeting

Program: Beginning Birding

Speaker: Ann Paul, Audubon Florida Coastal Island Sanctuaries

This program will take you from how to chose and use binoculars to basic bird ID skills (photo credit: Roger Newell). Learn from our very own expert, how to view and appreciate the treasure of ... more

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Photo Credit: Doug DeNeve
Trout Creek girl release 5/24
Flying to Freedom

During the 2014-15 eagle season, Hillsborough County had its share of eaglets falling out of their nests. The first eaglet to be found on the ground literally fell with her nest and was not able to be saved, sadly. The other three eaglets that fell from their nests in Brandon, Flatwoods, and Trout Creek were found, rescued, rehabilitated and released back into nature where they belong. The Trout Creek girl was just released this past Memorial Day Weekend [see photo]. It is a beautiful thing to see each of these juvenile eagles fly to freedom. More photos here

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10/7 & 10/14 -Conservation Landscaping Workshop offered by the University of Florida IFAS Extension-Hillsborough County Seffner, FL

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9/12 - Lettuce Lake Park: Beginning Birding

9/13 - Shell Key (ferry ride and beach walk)

9/19 - A.L. Anderson Park and John Chesnut Senior Park

9/26 – Ft. DeSoto Park

Junior Naturalists

9/19 - Kick-off at Lettuce Lake Park

10/17 - Edward Medard Park

11/21 - Al Lopez Park

12/19 – Bell Creek Preserve

Save Hooked Birds!

Click here find out more and download our new brochure that outlines the perils our shorebirds and waders are in from fishing line and hooks, and what you can do!