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Tampa Audubon 'Double Winner' at 2014 Audubon Assembly

Tampa Audubon member Cheryl Mertz (pictured left with Matt Smith and Paige that hail from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland), wins coveted 2014 Citizen Scientist Volunteer of the Year for Audubon Florida - and - Tampa Audubon recognized for "Best Chapter Conservation Project.".. read more

November 6th General Meeting (click here for details)

"Falconry" with Rick Foley

Did you know that evidence suggests that the art of falconry dates back over four thousands years? Come and hear from Rick Foley, a local falconer, about his birds and Falconry. Ever since Rick was a child, he loved all birds, especially raptors. As an avid outdoorsman and long time hunter becoming a Falconer was a perfect fit.

In the next few weeks the temperature will begin to drop and the crisp fall air will be an indication to his hawks, Nitro, Finn and Maddie that it's time to get out and hunt for their own food with Rick. This is what his birds love to do.

Rick will also have one or two of his hawks with him. These are beautiful birds that in addition to their job of hunting, they also help Rick educate people about how raptors live and hunt.

This is a program you won't want to miss!

Save Hooked Birds!

Click here to download our new brochure that outlines the perils our shorebirds and waders are in from fishing line and hooks, and what you can do!

- Link to video of Osprey rescue

Join a Field Trip!

11/1 - MacDill Air Force Base

11/8 - Cancelled Lettuce Lake Park—Beginning Birding

11/22 - Cockroach Bay and Felts Preserve


On November 4th
- The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment - that dedicates funding for water and land conservation, management and restoration by amending the state constitution. Click here for details!

(Check out the 2014-2015 Tampa Audubon Field Trip schedule now up on the Field Trips page!!!)

Birdy News & Events

- Read about Ann Paul and Mark Rachal's work with hooked birds in these two articles: "Seabirds' lives on the (fishing) line" and "Light but lethal, stray fishing line takes toll on seabirds" (Tampa Bay Tribune/tampabay.com).

- Florida Breeding Bird Atlas Codes - A video that describes the codes you must use when reporting for the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas project.

- Learn about upcoming events at Circle B Bar Reserve. You can also sign-up for their e-newsletter.