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February 1st - General Meeting - 7pm (click here for meeting details)

American Oystercatcher feeding young
Beach nesting birds and their future in Florida

Speaker: : Morgan Parks, SW Regional Shorebird Biologist, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Committee (FWC)

There are multiple facets to creating a conservation success story. We will look at the current nesting numbers of beach nesting birds in southwest Florida, and the tools in place to help monitor their success. We will also discuss multiple opportunities to contribute to the conservation of beach nesting birds, and how individuals can make an impact.

Morgan Parks first started working with shorebirds in 2011, and in 2016 came to Florida to work for Florida Park Service and Audubon Florida. She has been with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for over a year, first as the Wildlife Assistance Biologist, then as the southwest Regional Shorebird Biologist. As the shorebird biologist her primary responsibility include working with partners to implement shorebird and seabird conservation actions locally, regionally and statewide.

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